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The general analysis of the horoscope in the Felicita program allows you to obtain information about the circumstances of life and the prospects for realization in various spheres of life.

For an accurate analysis, you need a correct horoscope (drawn according to the correct time of birth). If the exact time of birth is not known, for example: around 6 pm, try changing the time of birth in the profile to 17.30, 18.00 and 18.30. Then, see if there have been any important changes (not only in the current section, check all available tabs – the time in which the displayed information corresponds the most, can be considered conditionally correct). Often, even the time indicated on the birth certificate gives inaccurate information and requires verification. Depending on the time period and country of birth, the actual time of birth may differ from the recorded one by up to 40 minutes, usually towards an earlier time.

Attention! Horoscope analysis is very sensitive to the place of residence.

On the Horoscope tab, you can see a list of possible conditions – those that are fulfilled in a person’s life are marked with a tick.

The first 20 lines are the presence or absence of the Seal of Happiness and / or the Seal of Unhappiness. This information makes it possible to understand why a person feels happy or unhappy in a particular area of ​​life, regardless of real circumstances.

Birth chart analysis

Dangers for relatives represent the possibility of premature death for any of the relatives (premature compared to the average life expectancy in a given place and a given era). The later time of the onset of the event indicates the possibility of the premature death of a relative already in senior age.

The danger of premature death for the owner of the horoscope – to view this information, you must click on the appropriate button. If you do not need this information, do not open this link. The danger of premature death is solved by moving to a location where there is no such danger. The right decision can be made if the exact time of birth is known.

Horoscope analysis

Business – if a person has prospects for doing business, the corresponding option will be ticked. For example: possible options – medium-sized business with profit, large business – can also mean a very good financial situation in the family (for example, rich parents or spouse); the desire to do business, but costs will ultimately exceed income; the formula for wealth is the possibility of very high income.

Problems with conceiving and bearing a child (for both women and men) – presented in 4 options, from minor problems to functional infertility.

Disease formula – the total number of disease points. The average value for a normally ill person during their life is 5 points. You can find a detailed analysis of the disease chart on the Health tab.

Place of residence – information about the possibility of moving from a given place of residence for one reason or another.

Destructive personality – when this condition is met, a person has self-destructive thoughts and tendencies, and is inclined to destroy their life.

Information about the features of personal life

Dangerous situations – shows how often a person will meet dangerous situations in their life (for example, accidents, surgical interventions, etc.). The control value for the presence of dangerous situations during lifetime is 3 points.

Horoscope analysis

In the Houses section, you can see the area of ​​responsibility of each house and its percentage. The number of relations of each house indicates how much this area of ​​life is present in a person’s life. The average number of relations for each house is 20, which means that this area of ​​life is expressed “like everyone else.” If there are much fewer ties, this area of ​​life is weak. For example, if the 7th house has 10 ties, this may indicate that finding a marriage partner is difficult, and if the 7th house has 40 ties, then the personal life is very rich and many opportunities are provided.

Astrological houses

The House relations table provides information on what the interaction between this or that house means. All options are shown when you move the cursor over the table. However, only those interactions that score 3 or more points will be executed (those conditions that are fulfilled are transferred to the second tab “Life circumstances”).

Birth chart analysis

At the bottom you can see the result of the influence of each planet on a certain house of the horoscope.

Horoscope planets influence

If you are not a professional astrologer, concentrate your attention on the Life circumstances tab, where the calculation result for the entire horoscope is displayed.

Horoscope analysis

Information in the Circumstances of Life section is divided into 12 categories

  1. Personal qualities
  2. Home, everyday life, family
  3. Mental abilities
  4. Relations with relatives, children, friends
  5. Dangers
  6. The Seal of Happiness. The Seal of Unhappiness
  7. Career, creativity, achievements
  8. Personal relationships
  9. Interests
  10. Financial situation
  11. Job
  12. Health

Information on the same house connections can fall into different categories. For example, the harmonious interaction of 4th and 9th houses (4 + 9) is a good prospect for solving housing issues and a passion for religion and philosophy. Good prospects for solving housing issues fall into the category of “Home, life, family”, and interest in religion and philosophy in ”Interests”.

It should be remembered that the same connection of houses means several conditions, respectively. In a person’s life all instructions for this connection are not necessarily implemented, only some can be fulfilled. For example, the intense interaction of the 4th house with the 9th house (4+9)  includes unsuccessful or forced emigration and litigation with relatives on real estate issues. A person can face either one or the other, and possibly both.

The time of occurrence of an event is determined in the forecast.

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