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Astrological compatibility of partners (or synastry) is one of the most popular queries in the world of astrological consulting.

The knowledge gained with the correct analysis of compatibility allows you to competently build relationships at the initial level, understand the possibility or the lack of possibility of relationships for a long time, and also realize what exactly lies at the heart of the relationship between two people.

To analyze compatibility, it is necessary to know the time of birth of both partners, at least in the morning / day / evening / night format. For the correct calculation in the blocks of the formula of love and the danger of causing physical harm, the exact time of birth of both partners is required.

Synastry analysis

The synastry analysis method used in the Felicita program gives a full assessment of compatibility with an astrological point of view. However, it should be remembered that in addition to cosmic influence, a person is seriously affected by social and other conditions. Therefore, in matters of marriage, it is not always possible to rely only on astrological data (for example, there are dynastic marriages, or marriages associated with the financial situation of one of the partners).

However, it is quite possible to see the presence or absence of real psychological, sexual and other types of interaction, which allows you to know the sincerity of the feelings of each of the partners and other aspects of the existence of the union.

It is recommended to supplement the synastry analysis with information from the psychological profile of each partner, as well as information from the horoscope section – Life circumstances, which will help clarify unclear points.

Compatibility analysis

Compatibility analysis is carried out by calculating several blocks, some of which are critical, while some only provide additional color.

The beginning of the analysis (using the example of compatibility in personal life) is to identify the sexual needs of each partner (it is good for a harmonious interaction if the needs coincide), as well as the definition of internal conflictness for each person. Moreover, the high level of individual conflictness does not mean that the union will be problematic. A person can be very self-conflicted, but with low mutual conflictness with a certain partner, which will not be a problem for the long-term existence of the union.

Astro synastry

Mutual conflictness is one of the most important blocks of interaction. With high mutual conflictness, the existence of a union for a long time is impossible. In some cases, the potential for conflict can be in a dormant state for quite a long time, up to several years. After which, at a certain moment, an explosion will occur causing the partners to part.

Compatibility conflictness

Gender compatibility shows how well partners look as a couple, mainly in the eyes of others; how much a man emphasizes the beauty and femininity in a woman and how much a woman makes a man show his primordial masculine qualities. Lack of gender compatibility is not an obstacle to a happy union.

Astrological compatibility

Sexual compatibility is one of the most important building blocks in compatibility analysis. It is necessary to take into account the sexual need of each partner, preferably to match the coincidence of these needs (high + high, low + low).

Sexual compatibility

Psychological compatibility is a very important building block. Good psychological compatibility and a warm psychological atmosphere can be the basis for a long-term union even in the absence of sexual compatibility.

Psychological compatibility

The Seal of Happiness and the Seal of Unhappiness are very important blocks of interaction. At the heart of the Seal of Happiness lies the harmonious interaction between Jupiter of one partner with the Moon or the Sun of the second partner, which provides a very strong positive attraction in the pair. The Seal of Unhappiness is based on the disharmony between the Moon or the Sun of the one partner with the second partner’s Saturn. This interaction brings feelings of depression, coldness, irritation, and in the vast majority of cases, such alliances will eventually break up. With the Seal of Unhappiness, the partner who damages the Moon or the Sun of the other partner is likely to end the relationship at some point.

Compatibility happiness seal
Unhappiness seal compatibility

Financial compatibility shows whether the partner receives financial benefits or losses in this union.

Financial compatibility

Karmic compatibility shows whether the union of these people is the result of their sins or good deeds in past lives. Intense karmic interaction can explain the existence of a union in the absence of other objective indications, as the completion of relationships unfinished in past incarnations.

Karmic compatibility

The general formula for good compatibility is low mutual conflictness, good sexual or psychological compatibility, and the presence of the Seal of Happiness. High mutual conflictness and the Seal of Unhappiness with a high degree of probability indicate problems in this pair.

The program conducts an analysis of compatibility in personal life for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. The algorithm for homosexual couples works automatically when two partners of the same sex are selected.

Felicita’s astrological program allows you to analyze compatibility both in personal and in public life (between colleagues or members of other social groups, where the absence of conflicts is mainly important). When analyzing compatibility in public life, blocks related to sexual compatibility and the formula of love are not taken into account.

The formula of love and the danger of physical harm can only be taken into account if the EXACT time of birth is known for both partners.

Astrological compatibility

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