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How to create new project

1) Press “Create new project” button

Horoscope analysis

2) Fill out all necessary fields – name (can be any alias); birth date and time; country of birth and then city in drop-down menu (start typing); country and city of residence; gender.

Analysis horoscope
Natal chart analysis

3) Press ”Create button”

4) You may verify entered information in this form and then press “Save project” and “View profile” buttons

Horoscope chart

5) You may see warning that unsaved changes will be lost – please make sure that your project is saved and press OK.


Well done!  Now you are ready to see all information for this person’s chart– just press appropriate tab.

Birth chart astrology

How to edit information in person’s profile:

1) Press “Projects” button – you will see all your projects in this menu.

2) Press Edit

Birth chart report

3) Please keep in mind that you can change the place of residence (not place of birth) and the date of birth + / – one day from the originally set date of birth.

4) If you made something wrong, please contact support and we will help

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