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Astrological program Felicita is a powerful tool for analyzing a person’s horoscope in various areas of life. This program is a professional level tool, and not for entertainment, so we recommend a desktop computer or laptop to use it (access to the interface from mobile devices is also possible, but if you are not yet an experienced user, you will not be able to immediately understand the abundance of information).

For all tariff plans, you get access to the program for a month. Tariff plans will differ based on the number of horoscopes that you can analyze.

The program is location sensitive, and the technique used makes it possible to analyze for different places of residence. The horoscope program inherent in a person at birth in the place of his birth remains with him for life, however, the place of residence makes very significant adjustments (for more information on using information for the place of birth and place of residence, see each section).


All sections of the horoscope analysis are available in the program interface, without restrictions.

The program allows you to analyze such facets of a person’s life as:

General analysis of living conditions by category:

  • Personal qualities;
  • Dangers;
  • Home, everyday life, family;
  • Mental abilities;
  • Relations with relatives, children, friends;
  • Financial situation;
  • Personal relationships;
  • Career, creativity, achievements;
  • Interests;
  • Job;
  • Health, and
  • The Seal of Happiness / Seal of Unhappiness (when a person feels happy or unhappy, regardless of objective circumstances.)

Health chart – a chart of more than 150 diseases shows which diseases will be the main and problematic in the life of a given person.

In the Talents and Abilities section, the program analyzes the artistic, mental and other talents and predispositions to certain occupations and professions inborn and acquired during the relocation.

Talents and Abilities are divided into 5 groups

  1. Art and creativity in various fields
  2. Intellectual activities and characteristics of the mind
  3. Predisposition to practice medicine
  4. Sports predisposition
  5. Predisposition to special professions

Karmic horoscope analysis – The program analyzes the karmic horoscope by many parameters, which include:

The circumstances of past lives, the karmic task and the sphere of realization of karma in this incarnation, the karmic debts that will be presented for payment in the current incarnation, as well as the talents and abilities acquired so far, which help to determine the scope of activity in the current life.

Psychological profile – Gives an accurate and detailed individual psychological profile.

Synastry is an analysis of the psychological compatibility of partners in personal and public life. Allows you to analyze the most important blocks and make informed conclusions about the prospects for the existence of the union.

The Find Place of Residence tool allows you to analyze living conditions in all corners of the globe based on the most important parameters, in order to wisely use the move to improve your life.

The tools for rectification and prognostics are professional tools of an astrologer – a consultant who owns this technique, and can only be used correctly by students and graduates of our astrology school.

Astrology lovers can use all the tools, the tabs of which are marked in green.


The astrological program Felicita uses the technique developed by the famous Russian Astrologer Academician Sergei Shestopalov (St. Petersburg Astrological Academy).  This technique is extremely popular among the Russian-speaking audience, but until now was unknown in other languages due to the language barrier as well as the lack of high-quality astrological software.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union and some other countries, dozens of full-time branches of the astrological academy operate, which have trained tens of thousands of professional astrologers since 1989. This technique is based on the provisions of classical western astrology, but is distinguished by the unambiguity of the methods and the use of a huge statistical base, which allows reading the horoscope with amazing accuracy.

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