The unique opportunity to check talents and professional inclinations with the most advanced astrological programm

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Astrological analysis of talents and abilities is a powerful tool for self-determination of a person in a society.

This function is especially useful for parents who are looking for opportunities for the early or additional development of their child. There is no longer a need to thoughtlessly invest effort, money, and force the child to engage in activities for which they have no predisposition.

In the Talents and Abilities section, the program analyzes the person’s artistic, mental and other talents and predispositions to certain occupations and professions, inborn or acquired during the move.


Talents in horoscope

For an accurate analysis, you need a correct horoscope (drawn according to the correct time of birth). If the exact time of birth is not known, for example: around 6 pm, try changing the time of birth in the profile to 17.30, 18.00 and 18.30. Then, see if there have been any important changes (not only in the current section, check all available tabs – the time in which the displayed information corresponds the most, can be considered conditionally correct). Often, even the time indicated on the birth certificate gives inaccurate information and requires verification. Depending on the time period and country of birth, the actual time of birth may differ from the recorded one by up to 40 minutes, usually towards an earlier time.

Talents and abilities are divided into 5 groups:

  1. Art and creativity in various fields
  2. Intellectual activities and characteristics of the mind
  3. Predisposition to practice medicine
  4. Sports predisposition
  5. Predisposition to special professions

The analysis is performed separately and simultaneously for the natal and local charts. Some abilities can develop significantly when relocating to a favorable place of residence, therefore, when analyzing abilities, both innate and acquired talents must be considered. It should be borne in mind that the inception of certain abilities (sports for example) occurs in childhood, therefore, their development during the relocation can only occur if the child moved at a young age.

Information on each group is displayed on a Yes / No basis. The fulfillment of the necessary astrological conditions is checked. The prerequisites can be viewed by clicking on the asterisk next to the ability group. If the condition is met, the program will display the text “Yes”, and show in detail how the conditions are formed and which planets and aspects are involved in them. Thus, the user can visually assess how strong the ability can be manifested (the more aspects = the more indications).

If the condition for the formation of the ability is not met, the program is limited to displaying the text “No”.

The connection of talents with a karmic chart is also provided. As you know, the abilities that were manifested in the karmic chart show a person’s achievements in past lives. Accordingly, if there is talent both in the natal and in the karmic chart, we can say that this talent is already well developed, and a person can deal with it more deeply and achieve greater success. If there is a talent in the karmic chart and its absence in the natal one, it means that this talent is fading and in this incarnation it will not be used. And the absence of talent in the karmic chart and the presence in the natal one indicates that this ability is in its infancy, a person has just begun to develop it, and therefore, this ability is unlikely to give a serious result in current life.

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