Relocation astrology

The unique opportunity to check your relocation charts all over the world

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Change your fate by changing your residence chart

As you know, one of the main distinctions of the astrological methodology used in Felicita program is the importance it gives to the local chart (the place of residence / location of the person) and its leading role in the formation of living conditions. When relocating (changing geographic coordinates), the grid of houses changes, and with the same aspects, new connections between houses and new formulas are formed that can radically change the life of the owner of the horoscope.

In one place of residence, a person will be a poor, lazy bum, sick and unhappy. In another place of residence, selected using the methods of scientific astrology, the person will be healthy, hardworking and experience an overwhelming feeling of happiness (this example is general, and each person has their own set of problems, and the solution must be selected strictly individually).

The method of analyzing the horoscope used in the Felicita program results not only in a statement of facts and determination of the causes of problems in a person’s life, but also in offering specific recommendations on the basis of which a person can change their destiny.

Relocation horoscope

Horoscope correction by relocation is successfully used by many professional astrologers, and has already helped thousands of people who are conscious of their lives and want to be masters of their destiny, to change their lives for the better. This approach is reflected in our astrological service called Felicita (luck, happiness, success) – to provide the user with an effective solution to make them healthy, happy and financially secure.

The function of express selection of a Place of residence according to the main parameters in the Felicita program allows you to build local maps for all regions of the world, including more than 3500 cities, in a few minutes.

Local maps are analyzed according to 12 main parameters, which are the most important for most people.

1) Danger scores – how many points

2) Danger of premature death – Yes / No

3) Disease formula – how many points (average 5 points)

4) Business – no business is possible in this place of residence / 1 = medium-sized business with profit / 2 = large business / 3 = wealth formula / 4 = losses in business will prevail

5) Problems with conceiving and carrying a child – No / or from 1 to 4 points = from mild problems to functional infertility

6) Danger of prosecutions and trials – Yes / No

7) Danger to children

8) Personal life – the total number of relations in the 7th house

9) Financial situation – the total number of relations in the 2nd house

10) Formula of happiness – lucky planets in square corner houses

11) Formula for unhappiness – unlucky planets in square corner houses

12) Destruction – Yes / No

Horoscope change fate

The list for all countries / cities of the selected region is constructed within a few minutes. Then it is possible to save it as a PDF file in your computer.

When you click on any city in the list mentioned in the program, you go to the local chart drawn for this city (the main locale specified in the native’s chart is not changed). In this temporary local chart, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all aspects of your life in a chosen city.

All locales in the world are divided into 12 regions. Below, you can see a list of countries included in each region. In each country, the most significant cities in terms of population were selected, taking into account the geographical uniformity of distribution.

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