Astrological program Felicita (Felicita, translated from Italian – happiness, luck, opportunity, success) is intended, first of all, for astrologers – consultants who are professionally engaged in astrology, as well as for people interested in and versed in astrology. The main goal of the project is to make the use of scientific astrology accessible and possible for a large number of people, facilitating the work of an astrologer and saving him from routine calculations and manual manipulations with the birth chart.

The program user has access to absolutely all sections, without additional payments – a general analysis of the natal and local charts, medical astrology, karma, relocation charts (in all regions / more than 3500 cities of the world), analysis of professional inclinations and talents, psychological profile, compatibility analysis, and the most powerful rectification and prognostics unit.

Currently, there are tariffs with a monthly number of analyzed horoscopes in the amount of 3 or 10

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